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History & Fantasy for Writers #2

How to distinguish between pre-modern characters in your fantasy stories and modern ones? Accord to Emile Durkheim (check him out) there are 2 types of solidarity (what keeps people together): Mechanical Solidarity: We share attributes. We are similar to one another. We have “Collective Consciousness” Example– We are bearded and white. Cultivate potatoes and fish. Believe in Odin and Thor. Live in the same land. Speak similarly. Organic Solidarity: We depend on one another. “Individualism” and inter-dependence Example– We are all very different from each other. But… we rely on each other. We all serve society in a different way. We need the system to endure. Mechanical Societies are Tribal and seek the conservation of ideas and traditions. They are afraid of change. They use Retributive Justice to keep things stable. They have a sense of collectivism. Individuality is seen as negative. Organic Societies are individualistic. Its members are united by interdependence. Division of labour

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